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Bring in your jewellery and we will make an offer for a short term loan.

Borrow - Jewellery loans in shop

Whether you want extra money to pay off all of those household bills or to put towards a holiday, a quick cash loan could be the solution that you have been looking for. Our knowledgeable team at Cashline can assist you with the application process which usually takes around ten minutes to complete.

  •   The loan is for up to six months and you can collect (redeem) your jewellery at any time simply by repaying the loan and any interest owing.
  •   During this time your jewellery will be carefully stored at your local branch which has some of the most sophisticated security systems in the industry.
  •   Near the end of the loan period we will send you a reminder letter if your loan is over £75. In the event that you cannot afford to repay the loan and interest owed, the loan can be renewed by simply paying the interest owed.
  •   If you cannot repay the loan your credit rating will not be affected.

To assist in the management of your cash flow we allow customer to pay down the loan amount at times to suit you. All you have to do is call into the shop with your contract and pay off part of the original amount within the first 5 months of the loan, we will then re calculate the interest on the loan amount, you can do this any amount of times until the balance is cleared. This will have the benefit of reducing the interest paid.

Pawnbroking is Simple

  •  Bring in your jewellery and we will make an offer for a short term loan.
  •  The contract is for six months duration but you can come back at any time during the contract period and redeem your items.
  •  You can also pay down your loan during the six month period and we will automatically adjust the interest rate calculation.
  •  Your jewellery items are stored in a strong room.
  •  At the end of the six month period we will write to you if the loan is over £75 to remind you that you have items in pledge.
  •  If you decide not to repay the loan and interest you can simply pay the interest and take out another six month agreement. Alternatively we can sell the items on your behalf.

Customer Examples

I have supported Aston Villa all my life so I was desperate to see them in the FA Cup, I pawned my gold bracelet for £250, I had a great day, I got my bracelet back when my pay cheque arrived.

I had a big gas bill following the cold winter I just needed £80 to tie me over and Cashline was there to help. They gave me a loan against a necklace for £80.

My car failed the MOT test so I could not get to work. Cashline lent me £700 against my Rolex watch. The whole process took only five minutes.

We were going away on holiday but payday fell after our return Cashline lent us £350.00 on our gold and we were able to buy it back once we returned home.