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Are Rolex Watches a Timepiece or Currency?
Friday, May 15, 2015, by Andy Thornley, comments 0

We at Cashline Pawnbrokers have often wondered what is the lasting appeal of the Rolex watch over and above all other watches.  It is the one watch that can be sold quickly to raise cash, why?

Does the Rolex keep better time than any other watch? Not really some electronic watches are more accurate. Is the design more unique than any other watch? Is it a pretty watch?  Not really it is quite bulky.

We at Cashline believe the lasting appeal of the Rolex watch is its indestructibility; the oyster case made either from solid stainless steel, with a screw in wider makes it totally waterproof.  You never need to take it off, in the shower, in the sea, playing golf or football; your Rolex will be safe.

This permanence creates confidence when buying second hand, backed up by Rolex servicing departments that can take any Rolex and make it as good as new again.  The Rolex is the equivalent of the Mercedes car.  You can always sell a second hand Mercedes and you can always sell a Rolex in any country in the world.  It is like a currency, a store of value.

Buying a Rolex second hand is very good value.  The first buyer has already paid the VAT and the jewellers mark up. From the moment you buy a Rolex second hand you have a first class piece of jewellery that is instantly recognised by everyone. It is also an investment that will start to appreciate in value.

The reasons are obvious.  Global demand for Rolex outstrips supply.  Limited supply causes prices to rise. The Rolex is manufactured in Switzerland and the Swiss Franc is a hard currency so it appreciates against all other currencies.  That makes Swiss products more expensive so Rolex prices are constantly rising.

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