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Gold is Back in Fashion!
Friday, May 15, 2015, by Andy Thornley, comments 0

During the years when the recession was at its worst the understated look was fashionable.  Ladies switched to stainless steel costume jewellery, which gave a lot of show for little doe! 

But now the economy is improving gold is back in fashion and for good reason.  Many people during difficult economic times sold their gold at web sites such as Cash4Gold.  With that store of treasure temporarily lost people are now replacing their sold items with gold jewellery.  It sends a clear message, we have gone through hard times but now we are back!

It is not only women that wish to adorn themselves with gold.  According to Ken Downing of the upmarket retailer Neiman Marcus who said in the New York Times “ “With the importance of the Internet, street style photographers, bloggers, Hollywood style and the abundance of red carpet reporting for men and women, we see, men wearing jewellery, and its part of our modern psyche”

Top designer Michael Kors has noticed the trend and has appointed a new global men’s wear president, charged with building a $1 billion men’s brand.

The trend, which started twenty-five years ago with famous athletes and entertainers wearing diamond, encrusted jewellery.  You no doubt recall that when Martina Navralilova lost to Stephanie Graf at Wimbledon she gave her a diamond tennis bracelet at the net.  The result was that everyone wanted one and even the High Street stores started to sell imitation diamond tennis bracelets, as they became known. Elton John is also known for wearing expensive diamond encrusted brooches.

Such demand has caused diamond prices to rise seven percent this last twelve months a trend that is set to continue as the Chinese with their newfound wealth are investing in gold and diamonds as a store of value. Do not get left behind. 

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